Tucked away in one of the neighbourhood’s oldest buildings, our shop shelves are stocked with a meticulously merchandized selection of greeting cards, notebooks, writing instruments, and modern office supplies. Alongside stationery, you'll find a curated selection of housewares, accessories, lifestyle publications and children’s books.

We are committed to honesty, simplicity and - above all - kindness. We are drawn to products that enhance the everyday by encouraging communication, creativity and mindful living. 

We are based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Our products are sourced internationally.

What's a Tiny Feast?

Tiny Feast is a phrase we coined in conversation years ago, and it has stuck with us ever since. It's a metaphor that we use to describe a variety of things that feel celebratory, lavish, almost extravagant – yet are intrinsically simple and useful, and therefore justifiably attainable on a personal, everyday level.

The beauty of a hand-written thank you note; the satisfaction of a good pencil; the pleasure of a thoughtful gift, given or received.



Our last day open will be Friday, November 22, 2019.
Kindly direct questions or comments to us via email: hello@tinyfeast.com