Graphic Liner Rollerball Drawing Pen

OHTO Japan's Graphic Liner contains archival-safe, waterproof, fadeproof pigment ink.

The tough rollerball tip is made from stainless-steel with a tungsten-carbide ball. These hard-wearing materials ensure a stable line width throughout the life of the pen - particularly good if you're a little heavy-handed. The smooth-running ball gives an exceptionally slick writing experience.

OHTO Graphic Liner is available with 6 different nib sizes.
These are marked to compare with traditional fibre-tip pens. 

005 = 0.3mm tip (0.27mm line), writing length 1800m
01 = 0.4mm tip (0.32mm line), writing length 1300m
02 = 0.5mm tip (0.35mm line), writing length 1300m
03 = 0.7mm tip (0.40mm line), writing length 1000m
05 = 1.0mm tip (0.42mm line), writing length 1000m
10 = 1.5mm tip (0.52mm line), writing length 600m

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