Stuck In The Middle 2: Defining Views of Manitoba

Somewhere between North Dakota and Nunavut sits a curious land with a coastline patrolled by polar bears, highways lined with monuments to household produce and dinner plates drenched in a gluey condiment known as honey dill sauce. This is Manitoba, a province that has captured the imagination of… well, maybe dozens of people around the world.

Manitoba is one of the newest places on Earth, carved by glaciers and shaped by meltwater. It’s one of the most Indigenous places on Earth, as all of its residents are beginning to comprehend and respect. But it’s also a vast and largely empty land that lacks a singular identity, partly because of its vastness and emptiness — but also because most of its population barricades itself within Winnipeg’s city limits.

Stuck In The Middle 2 finds photographer Bryan Scott and journalist Bartley Kives venturing beyond the Perimeter Highway to explore the architecture, landscapes and waterways of a province they know and love but, like most Manitobans, may never truly understand.

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