Join Team Tiny Feast 08/09/17

hiring job sales associate

Tiny Feast is hiring!

We are looking for an enthusiastic Retail Sales Associate to join our team – someone who is genuinely passionate about good design, presentation and people. If you are a professional and engaging individual who thrives in a retail sales environment, we'd love to hear from you!

Our ideal candidate has previous customer service experience and is extremely detail-oriented, resourceful, and has interest working in a retail environment.

The position requires 24-32 hours per week (minimum of 3 8-hour shifts per week). Must be available weekdays and weekends. Start date immediate (flexible). Applicants must be available into the fall and winter. 

To apply, please read the full job posting here

Holiday Gift Guide 12/05/16

Our holiday gift guide is now up! We've collected and compiled heaps of special goods, sure to make thoughtful and unique gifts this holiday season. Note: pricing and availability are subject to change. 

If you are shopping with us locally, please visit us in store! We would be happy to help you track down any items you have seen on our site, or find something to suit your needs.

2017 Stendig Calendars 07/05/16

2017 Stendig Calendars are now available at Tiny Feast! 

The beautiful and exquisitely produced calendar was designed in 1966 by Massimo Vignelli and taken that year into the Design Collection at the MOMA New York. This piece from the 60s endures as an example of excellence in modern graphic design, stunning in both homes and workplaces.

Measures 4 feet x 3 feet, with graphics alternating black and white backgrounds each month. Each sheets is perforated, allowing them to be neatly torn off, and used as paper for projects, gift wrap, and more. Top binding strip features three metal eyelets for easy hanging.

Supply is limited.

Due to the large size of this item, it is available in-store only.

Photos via Pinterest.

Summer Hours 06/06/16

Happy Summer! The Exchange District is bustling with events, festivals, treats and concerts. To celebrate the arrival of a new season we are now open on Sundays, and late on Thursday evenings! 


Mon-Wed: 10am - 6pm
Thurs: 10am - 8pm
Fri-Sat: 10am - 6pm
Sun: 11am - 4pm
Holidays: closed

Looking for other activities in the neighbourhood? Visit the Exchange District website to see what else is going on, and a list of shops, restaurants and galleries. 


Winnipeg 1919 by Raymond Biesinger 05/02/16

Produced by Montreal-based artist and illustrator Raymond Biesinger, Winnipeg 1919 is one of the latest in a series of Canadian city prints. The project is something Raymond considers is "part of a getting-to-know-you exercise with the nation's architecture and history... all through research, geometry, and attention to detail. I’d call this set as much a research exercise as a visual exercise; each city in the set hosted 40 to 120 different buildings and landmarks from a specific time. Every one of them involved a large amount of time research on heritage sites, the pages of architecture books and Google Maps."

About this Winnipeg print:

This is Winnipeg on the 15th of May 1919, a day considered by many as the hottest moment during the Winnipeg General Strike. You can imagine Main Street stretching up and down the print at its 2/3 mark, and note Winnipeg's beautiful old city hall (demolished in 1962) still stands left of the crowd and flag near the print's top.

Screenprinted by UNIK Printshop in Montreal. 24"x24", two colours on white 80 lb Cougar smooth cover paper. Dimensions include a 1.5" margin. Signed and editioned.

Print, comes unframed: $64.00

Holiday Hours! 12/01/15

Holiday hours for the season are now in effect! We are open SEVEN days a week, and have extended our days to help with all your gift-giving needs. 

Mon - Wed: 10am - 6pm
Thu - Fri: 10am - 8pm
Saturday: 10am - 6pm
Sunday: 12pm - 5pm

We are also pleased to participate in Shop the Exchange, which brings you the best in neighbourhood shops, boutiques, and more. Visit us during the event for special deals and events, and your chance to win an amazing Exchange District grand prize! Go to for details. 


Golden Boys 09/26/15

Designed by Ty Johnston, "Golden Boys" is the newest print to the shop! It celebrates Winnipeg's iconic golden boy who lives atop our city's fine Legislative building. This double-sided piece was screenprinted in Montreal with gold ink on black Stonehenge acid-free stock. 

Illustrated by Ty Johnston and Kellan Stover. 50x70cm. Available exclusively at Tiny Feast, $45.

The history of Winnipeg's Golden Boy:

He was commissioned by the Manitoba Government in 1918 and sculpted in France. The ship carrying the statue to Canada was commandeered for the transport of troops in WWI. The boy lay in the hold of the ship, travelling many miles, constantly in danger before arriving in Halifax, being shipped to Winnipeg, and finally being hoisted to the top of Manitoba's then-new Legislative Building.

The Golden Boy was modelled after a 16th century sculpture of the Mercury, the roman messenger god of trade, profit and commerce. His sheaf of wheat represents the fruits of labour and the torch represents a call to youth to join his eternal pursuit of a more prosperous future. The statue faces north, symbolizing the importance of natural resources and economic opportunity.

Size and Stature
He stands 16 feet tall and weighs 3637 pounds. 

Introducing Memobottle 08/20/15

We are excited to introduce one of our newest lines to the shop, Memobottle! 

Made from a durable BPA-free plastic, the memo bottle is a long life reusable bottle designed to assist in reducing the number of disposable plastic water bottles, whilst improving life efficiency and convenience.

The inspiration stemmed from two problems that the co-founders saw in society. Firstly, given their attachment to the outdoors and environment, the duo developed a passionate desire to reduce single-use bottle consumption and its disastrous effect on the environment. Secondly, throughout their schooling, university, and professional work lives, they experienced constant frustrations with the inability to fit water bottles in carry/laptop bags.

Resembling the shape of a notebook, the Memobottle is a slimline, premium designed, reusable water bottle which suitably slides into your favourite carry bag alongside your computer, books and valuables. Memo bottles brings leak-proof hydration to a new level of style and efficiency.

Memobottles are now available at Tiny Feast. Each comes with a black and a white lid, an info booklet and recycled cardboard packaging. Available in sizes A6 (375ml/ 13oz) - $36, and A5 (750ml/ 25oz) - $40.

All photos and info via

Manitoba vs. The World 07/06/15


Who made it?
Designed by Manitoban Ty Johnston, and screen printed locally in Winnipeg at Martha Street Studio

How big is Manitoba? 
649,950 square kilometers, or 160,371 acres, or 80 million CFL football fields (give or take a few). 

Are the sizes of the areas accurate? 
Yes. The shapes are based on the Mercator map projection we're used to seeing (on Google maps, etc.), but adjusted in size according to the Winkel Tripel projection (as seen in the National Geographic's map of the world). 

To project the sperical surface of our earth onto a flat surface (like this print), we have to make some adjustments. The Winkel Tripel projection is the most accurate representation of size and the Mercator peojection provides the most accurate shapes. 

How big is the print?
This print measures 50cm x 70cm - it fits nicely in an Ikea frame for ease. 

Available at Tiny Feast, $33.


Tips for Thoughtful Gifting 06/15/15

With the school year coming to a close, CTV Morning Live invited Danika to share our top gift ideas for teachers. She put together a few tips for thoughtful gifting. See them below! 

1) Keep it genuine. Include a hand-written card – mention specifically the notable things they've done to make your child's year memorable, and anything you're especially thankful for.

2) If possible, take note of their classroom. Do they often display artwork? Do they incorporate special activities into their lessons? If so, art prints or craft supplies might make a great gift that the whole class will benefit from.

3) Think back to any activities they may have mentioned in conversation. Even small talk will often lead to mentions of a summer cabin, a favourite restaurant, or a sport they play. In this case, get them something they might use in their spare time over the summer vacation.

4) Elevate their classroom desk with stationery beyond the necessities. Standard-issue loose leaf and plastic ballpoint pens have their place, but aren't especially exciting. A unique fountain pen or decorative notebook are things that might not be in their school's budget, but they personalize a workspace and make it unique and enjoyable. 

5) When in doubt, get something well-made, useful and practical. Consumables that they'll use up and won't just sit in a closet. Avoid trinkets, or purely decorative items which may not suit their taste.  

New Extended Hours! 06/09/15

Happy Summer! The Exchange District is bustling with events, festivals, treats and concerts. To celebrate the arrival of a new season we are now open on Mondays, and late on Thursday evenings! 


Mon - Wed: 11am - 6pm
Thu: 11am - 8pm
Fri - Sat: 11am - 6pm
Sun: closed

Looking for other activities in the neighbourhood? Visit the Exchange District website to see what else is going on, and a list of shops, restaurants and galleries. 

Letter-Writing Month 04/02/15

April is Letter-Writing Month! Join the #write_on campaign, which aims to promote joy, creativity, expression and connection through hand-written correspondence. Launched by our friends at Eggpress and Hello!Lucky, the challenge is to write 30 letters in 30 days. We've got a great selection of cards to help you get started. Find more inspiration at 

Holiday Gift Guide 11/26/14

Our holiday gift guide is now up! We've collected and compiled heaps of special goods, sure to make thoughtful and unique gifts this holiday season. View it here

If you are shopping with us locally, please visit us in store! We would be happy to help you track down any items you have seen on our site, or find something to suit your needs. If you are unable to make it in and would like to purchase goods from the shop, please be in touch to arrange having a parcel sent by post. Please see more info here

Tiny Turns One! 10/22/14

Knot and Bow confetti, photo by Chris Ozer

It's our first birthday – that's our paper anniversary – this week! 

We are so grateful to work with such amazingly talented artists, studios, and companies, and so very thankful for the enthusiastic and supportive customers who have made our first twelve months a pleasure and a success.

To celebrate, we will be handing out free greeting cards and hosting a Tattly temporary tattoo booth (while supplies last!) this Thursday, October 23.  

To thank our amazing customers, we are hosting a giveaway featuring a few a lot of our favourite things. Make a purchase at Tiny Feast this Thursday, Friday or Saturday for a chance to win a bundle of goodies from the shop. This collection includes $350 worth of products! 

Included are some of our most-loved products – planners, greeting cards, an enamel envelope pin, a Kaweco fountain pen and inks, a set of Palomino pencils, a Field Notes mixed-pack, a Fishs Eddy memo mug, a 17oz S'well bottle, a BAGGU shopping tote, and a Ferm Living house magazine holder. 

The fine print: Giveaway is open to our local pals only; pick-up is necessary. Entry with a purchase of $10 or over; limit one per person. Winner will be announced next week!

My Tiny Feast, No. 3 06/12/14

We love seeing our wares in use! To share your photos, use the hashtag #mytinyfeast on Instagram, or email your photos to us at (subject "my tiny feast"). A random winner is chosen with each blog post of our favourite photos.  

This month's giveaway is a handsome assortment of our current favourite stationery items in the shop, as pictured below. Congrats to our winner, and thanks to everyone who shared their photos!!

Summer in Winnipeg 06/10/14

It's still hard to believe it's not -50 outside. Summer is really here! We are so excited about our first sunny season in the Exchange District – looking forward to festivals, long days, and full patios. We've met lots of new folks already, and are so happy to welcome new customers into the shop every day. Thanks to all the new and old friends for stopping by! We've got new products arriving weekly, keeping things interesting for everyone. Stop by for all your summer-celebration needs... and get a little something for yourself while you're here, too. :)

Visit us at 217 McDermot Avenue in Winnipeg's Exchange District. Follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on arrivals and events, and sign up for our FAN CLUB at the bottom of this page!!! (just kidding, it's actually our newsletter...)

We're off to NYC! 05/16/14

We're heading to the annual National Stationery Show in NYC this weekend! Follow along on our Instagram account – @tinyfeast – to see snippets of our trip, and stay up-to-date as new orders arrive at the shop throughout the spring and summer. 

Please note: the shop will be closed Monday May 19, and Tuesday May 20 for the Victoria Day long weekend as we scout the show for new goods!

Card + Gift Pairings for Mother's Day 05/05/14

Card and gift pairings are a favourite of ours (last seen on the blog for Valentine's Day). We've rounded up some more perfectly-paired combos – this time for Mom. Don't forget Grandma, and all the other amazing mothers in your life!

Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 11!

Best Mom Ever gold foil card + Certificate of Appreciation black and gold Letterpress print

You're My Anchor letterpress card + Nautical ceramic soap dish.

I Love You Mom card + Milk Jug vase, with Fresh Flowers from Department of Floristry

Floral Line Drawing letterpress card + Woodpile screenprinted cushion cover

Best Mom and Friend gold foil card + Friendship Bracelets and Besties temporary tattoos

Hi Grandma! card + Citrus Floral recipe tin

You're a Gem letterpress card + Prism handmade trivet

Je t'aime card with magenta foil + Neon Heart signed screenprint (sold unframed)

Happy Mother's Day card + Striped Bottle handmade vases, with Paper Flowers from Department of Floristry 

Visit us in the shop to find the perfect gift for your mom!

In-store event: Flowers and Calligraphy 05/05/14

Tiny Feast is pleased to welcome Department of Floristry back to the shop for a Pop-up event on May 10. Get your mum a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers, or treat her to a long-lasting handmade paper flower arrangement. 

We have also invited Julie Doan to join us that day, who will be offering complimentary calligraphy on cards bought in the shop. Fancy up your envelope, or class up your card's message with Julie's beautiful hand-written script. Come early; she'll be at the shop until 3pm!